Dinner Party Game Napkins 3-Ply Paper Serviette (Choice of games)


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These Napkins each have a game printed on the front. They are great to use as an ice-breaker of just to keep your guests amused whilst you work preparing the food.

Each pack has instructions for method and how to play and what is required (usually just a pen) and the solution.

You may also want an optional prize for the winning guest.

Wordsearch – Find the 21 Herbs and Spices hidden in the wordsearch grid

Picture Quiz – 18 questions and a picture clue to find the answer

Eat Your Way – Above the twelve empty plates printed on the napkin is a letter of the alphabet. Each player shoudl write down a food and a Town or City in the British Isles starting with that letter. Score by coming up with answers that no one else has.

Treasure Island – Each of the 11 numbered clues gives the name of a place in the British Isles. The letter with a bold underline should be put in the appropriate box in Box 12. Box 12, when solved, will give a clue where the treasure is hidden.

Balloon Quiz – Each of the 20 balloons holds a clue to a well known phrase or saying (similar to Catchphrase)

Chain Quiz – There are 13 chains on the napkin. Each being a well known sequence, or group of words or numbers. Can you work out the missing link?

Each pack contains 20 high quality 3-ply Napkins of approx. size 33x33cm.

They are environmentally friendly and made from biodegradeable materials that are bleached without chlorine.

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