Harry Potter Hogwarts House Celestial Crystal Clear Art Picture



Show your love for Harry Potter with our Crystal Clear Art pictures.

Made in such a way it allows you to see the image with unparalleled clarity, adding a richness and depth to the artwork.

A perfect addition to anyone’s Harry Potter collection. Each piece represents a different Hogwarts house and shows the characteristics of the students sorted to that house.

Gryffindor – features an illustration of the Gryffindor Lion with the words Determination, Courage, Bravery

Slytherin – features an illustration of the Slytherin Snake with the words Cunning, Ambition, Pride

Hufflepuff – features an illustration of the Hufflepuff Badger with the words Loyalty, Patience, Dedication

Ravenclaw – features an illustration of the Ravenclaw Raven with the words Learning, Wisdom, Wit

Each picture is approx. 32x32cm and has a cushioned back with wall mount.

Made of MDF and Resin.

Please Note: This product is hand-painted. Each product may have slight differences in appearance.

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